Sundays River Primary School – Teacher – Olly Kemp
Have been here a number of times already and have not been unhappy ever. Congratulations, you make Leadership training a pleasure for the teachers.

Patterson High School – Teachers – Mr. A Fataar, Mr. L Fortuine
Programme was as always well organized and run. The head team indicated this enabled them to assess strengths and weaknesses of Prefects. Everyone learnt the value of teamwork as opposed to individualism. Thank you.

Arcadia Primary School – Teacher – Mrs. Loggenberg
The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about themselves and teamwork. The facilitators were wonderful, dedicated and on the ball. Keep up the good work.

Nasruddin – Teacher – M. Fredricks
Exciting, fun, new experience, learnt how to work together. It was awesome.

Kingswood College – Ex-Teacher – Ian Knott-Craig
This is the best camp that we have ever been on.

St Thomas – Teacher – Mr. Rensburg
All facilitators fulfill their roles and duties very well to the best of their abilities. They compliment each other well. Thank you well done to all.

Hoërskool Framesby– Teacher – Pierre Potgieter
Everyone was super friendly and helpful. And we felt really spoilt

Harvest Christian School – Principal – Graham
The staff were fabulous very friendly, efficient and worked with enthusiasm. Interaction with the children was great. Thank you, valuable life lessons learnt, loads of wonderful memories.

Malabar Primary School – Teacher – Janine Brown
The camp was run in a highly professional manner and we are so grateful to the DV Adventures Team for all the effort that was made to make it a success

Redhouse – Teacher – 
Genuine people committed to bringing the best of our learners. We will definitely be coming back again.

JK Zondi – Teacher – Moegen Frans
Wonderful camp! that is why we are so loyal.

Summerwood Primary – Teacher – Kelvin Hashick
The staff always have lot of energy and there are great actvities that are challenging

Some additional Schools and Organizations we have worked with are;

NMMU SRC & Golden Key Committees;  Kingswood College Leaders;  The GM Foundation;  Framesby Prefects;  Willow Academy;  St Thomas Prefects;  Mount Pleasant;  Collegiate High Gr11 & Prefects;  Grey High & Grade 6;  Gelvan Park Primary Gr6 & 7;  Oak Hill Private School; Verkenner;  Westering High & Primary;  Linkside High;  Lawson Brown;  Westville Senior Secondary;  Bethelsdorp High;  Gelvandale High;  The Ubuntu Foundation – various programs;  Youth for Christ South Africa;  Scripture Union Algoa;  African Enterprise Foxfire Team;  St Dominic’s Priory;  Sanctor Primary and High School;  West End Primary; St Augustines;  Harvest Christian School;  Parkside Primary etc.

Other Organizations
Church Groups 
Walmer Methodist – P.E.
Emmanuel church – P.E.

At times we work with development projects with groups such as:
Social Development groups – Uitenhage, Humansdorp
NICRO – National Institute for Crime Prevention

Dynamic Vision
Dynamic Vision is our parent company which looks after the corporate training, universities.