DV Adventures seeks to uplift and equip the youth of the Eastern Cape and elsewhere as we grow. We currently run leadership development training camps and programs with the following educational institutions & foundations: 

Kingswood College Leaders;  The GM Foundation;  Framesby Prefects; Willow Academy;  St Thomas;  Mount Pleasant; Collegiate;  Grey Grade 6; Gelvan Park Primary;  NMMU SRC & Golden Key Committee;  Verkenner;  Lawson Brown etc.

We facilitate sessions in:

• Temperament styles
• Conflict resolution
• Emotional intelligence
• Prefect Training
• Leadership development
• Study Skills
• Team dynamics
• Self Image & goal setting
• Outdoor skills
• Decision making
• Image & personal development

We are currently looking at implementing a mentoring program to support high level leaders in schools. We are also committed to training the Foxfire youth teams that work with youth across the country.

Our main focus is the development of experiential leadership and high quality team work. We firmly believe that leadership needs to be developed in a practical setting supported by sound theory.

During their time with us, we divide the groups into teams in which they will do various activities. These are:

Obstacle Challenges
Adventure based climbing, rafting, canoeing and shooting
Communication games and workshops
Arts & Crafts
Turbo Challenge – a multi tasking co-operative strategy game that tests ; negotiation , teamwork and collaboration.
Team tasks that require creativity, initiative, endurance and teamwork : Barrel Balance, Golf Ball Drop , Tangram and many more
  • Operation Tear drop – A map reading and practical leadership exercise that is assessed by our facilitators that monitor the progress of groups as they traverse the mountains of Forest Glade.

These activities are supported by the following course modules:

Personal leadership and team leadership Development of personality and temperament
Communication styles, modes and development Motivation – secrets to staying motivated
Solo – personal reflection and enhancement Group dynamics and teamwork
The power of one – influencing people Vision crafting
Team work – enhancers and destroyers and team roles Powerful principles for life
Enhancers and Destroyers Peer pressure and self image
Goal setting and personal growth Sexuality and decision making
New Humanity